Live Dealer Blackjack Online

It seems like online casinos get more and more inventive every year. One of the biggest recent innovations to emerge came from the casino software company PlayTech. They have found a way to bring the casino a little closer to home by creating blackjack tables that feature live blackjack dealers.

Casinos that use PlayTech software are now serving up live blackjack using web cams that follow real dealers at the table and display the action live. While you sit in the comfort of home, you can watch the dealer shuffle the cards, deal them out and pay out your winnings in real time.

Some live dealer blackjack tables are single-seat tables while others allow multiple players to play at once. It’s up to you if you want the dealer all to yourself or if you want to see other players sitting at the table with you. Either way, it’s an exciting way to play and it makes the experience even more realistic.

Not only is it just really cool to have a live dealer, but it makes some players feel like the games are more guaranteed to be fair when they can watch with their own eyes while the dealers work. All the big online casinos have always dealt fair games but it’s understandable that being able to see the action with your own eyes adds a sense of security / realism.

At the very least, it’s worth giving live online blackjack a try. You’ll see that it’s a completely different experience than what most casinos offer. If you don’t live close to a casino, this is the best way to get the live experience without making a big trip of it.

Where Can I Find Live Blackjack Online?

Any casino that uses PlayTech software to display its games can offer live dealer blackjack. The top PlayTech Casinos include the following three casinos:

  • Casino Europa
  • Casino Tropez
  • Golden Palace Casino

These three casinos have been in the business since nearly the beginning of online gambling and are as safe as it gets. They don’t accept players from the US but they do accept almost everyone else.

In addition to live blackjack, these casinos also offer massive sign up bonuses to new players. Casino Europa is giving away €2,400 to every new player, Casino Tropez is giving away $3,000 free and Golden Palace is giving away €5,150.

Players from the United States

If you’re from the United States, you won’t be able to play at any live dealer blackjack casinos because all PlayTech casinos restrict players from the United States. We hate to break the news to you but figured we would save you the trouble right now instead of letting you go on your merry way, expecting to find some live dealer blackjack action.

The best blackjack action for players from the US still comes in the form of automated online blackjack. It’s not all bad, though, because there are still plenty of great blackjack sites for players from the US. Check out our list of US Friendly Blackjack Sites for more information.